Daniel Ji Woon Lee
23958 SE 41ST Place
Issaquah, WA 98029
(206) 940-7988


My current goal is to continue learning and improving my software development skills. My professional goal is to stay in mobile software development. I am currently focusing my skills in native languages (C++, C#, and Objective C) and maintaining my expertise in Unity.


  • C++, C#, and Objective C.
  • Unity 3D, Unreal Engine 3, Cocos2d iPhone
  • Agile Methodology, Test Driven Development, Game Development
  • Amazon AWS, Amazon Dynamo, NET
  • iOS Development, Android Development


University of Washington, Seattle, WA
Jan, 2011 – Aug, 2011
Certificate – iPhone and Cocoa Development


Sep, 1992 – Mar, 1997
Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering
Minor in Computer Science



Meteor Entertainment – Seattle, WA
MAY, 2012 – JUNE, 2013
Mobile Software Engineer, Platform Engineer

  • Storm Services – Platform services using Web API, .Net, C#. Design, documentation, implementation, source control, build automation, and agile methodology.
  • Storm SDK – communication library written in C++, which allowed game client and game servers to communicate to Storm Services.
  • Replicated Hawken Mech Garage for web browser using Unity.
  • Created 2D server side renderer for player’s mech using Unity.
  • Created an internal iOS utility app that registered new players offline and generated data for automated email system.
  • Mac port of Hawken prototype.
Vulcan, Inc. – Seattle, WA
OCT, 2012 – MAR, 2013
Software Engineer (Part Time Contract)

This position was part time contract work while I was working full time at Meteor Entertainment. It was prototype project. Created initial prototype of porting Fayve iOS app to android using Unity 3D.

After the prototype was approved for real project, I worked on taking the prototype closer to the production stage. Following issues were resolved.

  • 2D User Interface design combined with 3D user elements
  • Asynchronous HTTP calls to the Fayve API/Services
  • Performance validation
  • Training another engineer up to speed with Unity
Zombie Studios – Seattle, WA
JUNE, 2011 – MAY, 2012
Mobile Software Engineer

  • Created iOS 3D puzzle game Master Blaster in Unity3D. In-App purchase, Facebook connection, Twitter connection, Flurry Analytics integration.
  • Ported console game Frogger (PS3, XBLA, Wii) to iOS and Android for Konami. Redefined control and gameplay redesigned the UI, game content optimization, social networking integration, and Flurry integration.
  • Created iOS puzzle prototype in Objective C and cocos2d iPhone framework.
eVeek LLC – Federal Way, WA
JAN, 2011 – JUNE, 2011
iPhone Game Developer

  • Developed two iOS games using native Objective C and C++.
  • Develop prototype of the initial game concept.
  • Implemented all aspects of the game. Physics, user interface, game mechanics, asset building process, and etc.
  • Work closely with graphic and sound designers to create optimal game assets.
  • Test driven development.
  • Make proper tweaks and changes as per user input during alpha and beta stages.
  • Successfully published two games using Box2d Physics and Cocos2d iPhone Framework.
Project Management & Engineering
JAN, 2004 – DEC, 2010

  • Small to Large-scale construction project management.
  • Responsible for planning, communications, preventive and crisis management.
  • Oversee operations in materials, labor, purchasing, shipping & receiving, and cash flow.
ZETRON INC. – Redmond, WA
JUN, 1997- FEB, 2003
Hardware Design Engineer

  • Audio Circuit, Telephone Circuit, and Power Supply Design.
  • Microprocessor & Microcontroller System Design, High Speed Memory, DSP, Digital I/O, PLD, CPLD, and XPGA.
  • Printed Circuit Board Design
  • Hardware Debugging & Verification
  • Sustaining Engineering
  • Compliance Engineering
  • Universal Test Fixture Hardware & Software Design
  • Design & Implementation of firmware in C


Bill Wright Meteor Entertainment – CTO Email:

Phone: (206) 778-4114

Mars Tanumihardja Vulcan Inc. – Project Manager Email:

Phone: (206) 669-5598

Vicent Spencer Metoer Entertainment – Senior Engineer Phone (360) 652-9186


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