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My name is Daniel Lee in English and Ji Woon Lee in Korean. This blog is mainly focused on iOS and MAC development but there are many more things that I am interested in. First of all, let me tell you guys who I am! I have a pretty interesting life.

I was born in Korea in May 1974. At tender age of 4 or 5 or somewhere between there… our family moved to Kuwait. Yes… the same place that was invaded by Iraq during early 1990’s. My father was part of this great middle east construction economical boom during the 1970’s and he was one of the very few that was allowed to take his family with him. I spent most of my childhood growing up in Saudi Arabia. To make story short, I lived there until I was 15. It was interesting and different experience for me.


At the age of 15, I was literally sent to the United States to continue my education. I was part of “International Student” boom… I studied hard and continued on to my university education at Seattle Pacific University. I majored in Electrical Engineering and I also had minor in Computer Science. During this time, I had intensive internship at company called Interpoint. I call it intensive because… they liked me so much working as junior level engineer doing all the messy work they hired me for additional 8 month during my senior year. I was part of this new division in the company for NASA components program. I wrote whats called the SCDs (Source controlled documents) for Military Specification Class K document, which is highest class document standard for US military… Well that was fine and dandy but as an international student, I had to submit simple paperwork to INS every 3 months which I forgot to do and it almost got me kicked out of US. 🙂 Of course, I got a lawyer hired and got it fixed.


Moving on, three months before I graduated from SPU, I was hired by Zetron Inc. I started working as Hardware Design Engineer. It was fun and great learning experience for me. I did major microprocessor system design work as well as heavy software development using visual basic, c, and c++. I also did embedded software development work. I discovered that I was good at software development during this time. Computers and coding was always fascinating subject for me. Bottom line. I learned a lot! It was fun and educational plus I learned a lot from co workers and I made couple of life time friends and a very important mentor and a father figure. John and Louise, if you guys ever read this, I am a very lucky to have you guys as mentor and friend. Thank you and God bless you.

This is where things get interesting. My time at Zetron was good but anything good always comes to an end and it did. It was time for me move on. I wanted to do something different. House market was huge boom during early 2000 and it was the right time do be in construction or general contracting business. So I jumped in… blindly… Oh boy it was different! I had my brother in law to help me but yeah… it was tough and rewarding opportunity. I did this for several years and made decent profit before house market went down the drains… meh I don’t want to discuss that…


Come 2008, well… lets go back to 2007. I met my wife Eunice and we started dating and on March 1st, 2008, we got married. The year of 2008 was virtually just play and looking after my newborn son Aiden. It was best year of my life! ^^

Lets move to January of 2009, we decided to visit my parents in Saudi Arabia. Yes my father has been in Saudi Arabia since 1978… 🙂 He has his own construction business and doing quite well. We initially went for a 3month visit and ended up living there nearly 2 years… Yes I stayed and helped my father as Project Director for his company. I managed several multi-million dollar projects and I had up to 1,000 workers to manage in one project. It was very challenging and different aspect of construction and project management. I learned… of course.



After 2 years of working in Saudi Arabia, I had to think about education for my son Aiden. It was getting close to his pre-school age. I had to think. During these two years, I was also missing programming and whenever I had the chance, I tried to pick up a book on Objective C. I thought that next big thing will be iPhone and MAC programming and I wanted to eventually get back into programming and do it for iPhone and MAC. We came back to the States November of 2010 and we decided to stay for good and I decided to become a software developer for iPhone and MAC. It wasn’t easy because money was good back in Saudi Arabia. We virtually had no expense there. What I got paid just went straight to the savings. However, it was time for me finally make a career choice that will more than likely to be my last choice because I am not getting any younger. 🙂


So here I am. Pursuing a career that I believe to be the last career choice and enjoying it tremendously. I chose this path because of my passion for making games and for the playing games and because I want others to enjoy games like I do. Since January of 2011 I have been working as only programmer for small iPhone game company called “Strapped to a Meteor Games”. I have learned a lot and made huge progress on my knowledge. I am also enrolled in 9 month certificate program on iPhone and MAC programing offered by University of Washington and I have completed two quarters so far.



This blog will be mainly used as part of marketing for my future games and also place where I can show the world what I am interested in. By the way, I love to golf, make gundam plastic models, play games, 3d graphics, and pc & mac hardware.

Feel free to leave me anything you want to say. I would love to hear from you.



Before I go, just want to let you know where “bambamyi” is from… bambam is from old tv cartoon flinstones… I think some of you may know this show. “yi” is just word I attached to bambam in Korean. 🙂 Anyways… its just favorite character of mine and I use it everywhere… even my yahoo mail is bambamyi@yahoo.com 😀

Peace out!

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